Do you struggle to achieve your goals?

There is sooo much information about goal setting and success out there, but…

Only a small percentage of people are ever able to achieve their goals at will, irrespective of the size

Just look at the number of really successful people around you – it’s a small percentage of the world’s population.

  • Most of those who have the courage to start up a business fail within the first year or so.
  • Most bloggers never make any real money
  • Most people who want to lose weight are never able to shake it off or keep it off

The list goes on…

But why?

Why do so many people fail, regardless of whether they are pursuing personal goals or business interests?

There are many reasons – if you want to break it down – but at the end it comes down to this:

They fail to follow through

Regardless of whatever causes it, most people give up on their goals somewhere along the way

But it gets worse…

Every time you give up, you are less likely to try again – until you eventually stop trying altogether. Pretty much like the elephants that are used as working animals in India, or as performers in a circus.

Elephants and us are so alike it’s scary:

When the elephant is still very young, it is chained to a big block of concrete. The chain allows it a little room to move, but not much (almost like having a low paying JOB…). The little elephant tugs and pulls frantically for WEEKS, but the sheer strength of the chain, and the weight of the concrete block, is too much to break free from.

Then one day…

It just gives up.


After that, you can tie a piece of rope around its leg, and put a one-foot spike into soft ground – and the elephant will still not try to escape…

Because it BELIEVES that trying to escape is futile

Ironically, it is quite capable of simply walking away whenever it so chooses…

But – since you are reading this – you probably don’t want to be like the elephant

Maybe, just maybe, I can help with that

The Problem…

We are programmed from childhood to “be realistic”. Sure honey, anyone can be a ballerina – just not you. Sure son, anyone can be an astronaut – just not you. Stop dreaming and get a job…

Sound familiar?

Most of us are programmed to believe what we will never be able to reach our goals – by people who have been programmed to believe that they will never reach their goals…

We are trained – like the young elephants – to “accept things as they are”

So yes, we try things. We fail time after time. We eventually stop trying.

Ironically, there is a BOATLOAD of information out there that can help you to fix it – except for two small problems:

1. It’s all too much.

2. It’s is fragmented – as badly as half a dozen 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles strewn out across your back yard. Try building one, and see how long it takes

It took me many years

Unfortunately, when you are too far down in life, there is no budget for a life coach or for a success coach…

My story

When I grew up, I had dreams. I had ideals. I also had loving, caring, “realistic” parents…

Many years ago, I lost my career due to a combination of a bad career move, and the start of full scale affirmative action in South Africa (my career industry was controlled by government, so that meant once you’re out, it’s over).

Eventually I became a solo musician (I don’t drink, so I never fitted into any band…:). I never made much money, but I really enjoyed doing it. But that was ended by a messy accident caused by a drunken person at 6PM on a Friday afternoon.

Despite efforts to get back up, and keep going, I started going down. Looking back, I now know that my mindset and methods doomed me to inevitable failure…

After that, I tried various things, and failed miserably at everything. I eventually turned to the internet, and failed at that too. Someone who needed a ghostwriter eventually threw me a lifeline – and I was once again earning a meager, inconsistent income. At least it was something…

But there is one small difference between myself and the little elephant:


After every failure I would go and sulk in the corner for a while, but eventually I would get up and try again…

Not everybody is as stubborn as me – and you don’t have to be – but in my case, it kept me going  despite the fact that I had no clue what I was doing. If not for that, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Deep down I know that I am capable of much more. I refused to accept the the rest of my life was going to be mediocre.

So I started thinking, and did a lot of “tree-unfriendly” writing (literally thousands of pages over the course of several years)…

And I tried many things – mostly on the internet, because I now live in a small town, and since I have no special skills, and being close on 50, getting a job ain’t easy around here – especially if you have been out of a job for so long.

But everything I tried either failed to get off the ground, or the results were so mediocre that the effort vs reward ratio simply wasn’t worth it.

I was trapped in a cycle of failing, losing more of my self-belief, trying again and failing again. Over and over and over again…

My life was a mess. I was a mess. Too much so to tell it all here.

Eventually it started dawning on me:

There was (probably) nothing wrong with WHAT I was doing.

The problem lay with HOW I was doing things…

And once I got THAT part figured out, the dots started connecting – slowly but surely.

As the dots connected, I made notes – and those notes became a “manual” of sorts

Eventually I looked back on what I had learned and written…

I wished I could have sent it back in time to a younger version of myself.

But since that isn’t possible, what if I did the next best thing:

What if I could use it to help other people to overcome obstacles, and move towards their goals…?


Considering how I felt at my lowest point, it would have to be something that…

  • Would literally work for anyone
  • Was brutally simple and logical
  • That can be applied to any personal goal
  • That can work under any set of conditions/circumstances
  • Is realistic (i.e. not telling a depressed person to “visualize and manifest money”, but instead contain logical, realistic action steps)
  • Would be useful irrespective of the size or magnitude of your goal
  • Doesn’t contain any “hocus pocus” or fancy words that I invented myself

In short…

It had to be brutally practical, logical and efficient


What it is:

The Practical Goal Achiever Toolkit is a complete, practical package for setting goals, tracking your progress, and maximizing the probability of achieving them. Information about goal setting for the average person, working with an accountability partner, and worksheets (editable and printable) for setting your goals, and using input from another person of your choice to keep you moving towards your goal.

What it isn’t:

  • It’s not a handbook about productivity or time management
  • It’s not a load of mumbo jumbo
  • It’s not something abstract written by an academic
  • It’s not about the Law of Attraction – because even though it exists, making it work for you isn’t as simple as people make it out to be.

What others are saying about it:

What an excellent concept to a better life. As you stated it is common sense but it just needs to be exposed to the individual. Having an accountability partner is brilliant and if both the individual and the accountability partner work alongside your guidelines, failure is not possible.

Congratulations on an excellently put together program that is easy to understand and to manage.

To everyone that takes this seriously congratulations on your better life.
Aileen Friedman – Author and missionary

I saw this book and was immediately intrigued by the various steps and most importantly the Printouts!!

I have set my short and long term goals on paper and have validation of achieving what I set myself out to do every single day.  I plan on using the material to lose 10 lbs and exercise more as well .. Baby Steps.

Thank you Peter
Robin Kaplan – Coffee Blogger
Florida USA

As someone on my own journey to success, this blueprint is invaluable.  This program is like bowling with guardrails only with a much greater reward at the end of the road. I would highly recommend this to anyone serious about taking their personal potential to the next level.
Peter provides all of the information you need to succeed in your endeavors leaving you with only one job – Show up and do the work!
Regan Jacklin – Self improvement blogger

Why would you want to use it?

  • Set logical, “do-able” goals that you can achieve and build upon
  • Plan your goals objectively
  • Identify obstacles and challenges beforehand, and plan to deal with them
  • Drastically improve your odds of successful completion of your goal
  • Safeguard against failure
  • Use your existing micro-achievements to motivate you, and learn from mistakes
  • Track your journey and identify potential improvements

This is for you if…

  • You have any personal goal that requires consistent or regular action
  • You want to lose weight
  • You can to get into shape
  • You want to blog, or do online marketing
  • You are starting a small business and want to make it grow
  • You want to form new, good habits, and/or overcome bad ones
  • You want to study – both for self-study or for a qualification
  • You want to master or practice new skills

This is NOT for you if…

  • You are the CEO of a company with professionals at your disposal
  • You are an academic who expects everything in life to read like a thesis
  • You are not serious about achieving your goal(s)

(as Yoda said: “Do or do not. There is no ‘try’.”)

The Practical Goal Achiever Toolkit contents:


  • User guide
  • Goal setting guide
  • Accountability partnership guide
  • Guide for your accountability partner

Worksheets (printable and editable):

  • Goal setting questionnaire
  • Goal setting worksheet
  • Accountability initial interview questionnaire
  • Daily accountability feedback questionnaire
  • Weekly accountability review questionnaire
  • 31-day Action Diary – just re-print or create a new copy for every new month


Are you starting to see the potential?

  • Regardless of how many failures you have behind you…
  • Regardless of what the reasons for those failures were…
  • If you do things the right way, you can have a good shot at success
  • If you have a BIG goal, simply break it up into intermediate steps, and do them one by one
  • If you plan well, work systematically, and follow through, success becomes almost inevitable
  • Get into the habit of succeeding – whatever your next goal may be

Get started today:

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If you are sick and tired of failing, and things never working out the way you want them to, it’s time you step away from hocus pocus and fancy words. It’s time you deal with facts (not limiting beliefs – just facts) – and make things happen

Are you ready to start working on your future?

Don’t let anyone else decide what your future will – or won’t – be like. Take control, and start climbing today:

p.s. – It also makes a great gift.

To YOUR Success

Peter Prins